It was in 1972 that Fr. Charles Busetti, then Provincial Treasurer residing at Sacred Heart Seminary, held a meeting with some ladies in the Forest Hills area and asked whether it would be possible to form an auxiliary group to assist the missions. Prior to that time, there had already been two or three rummage sales held at the Seminary under the direction of Br. Victor De Gasperi and with the help of people in the area. Some of these people were part of the group of ladies that Fr. Busetti invited to the initial meeting.


One of the reasons for trying to form this group was the fact that the Resale Shop operated by the ladies of the Sacred Heart Seminary Guild was being closed and a new place was needed to disperse the articles donated to the Verona Fathers and which Br. Victor had been collecting from throughout the city. Another reason, perhaps, was just to involve some people in this area near the seminary with the activities going on at the seminary, some of which, could benefit by the help of lay people in the community.


The eleven ladies at that first meeting in 1972 became the charter members of the Ladies Auxiliary of the Verona Fathers. The first president was Patricia (Pat) Justice and Frances (Fran) Kindel was the Vice-President. Fr. Busetti was the first Advisor, followed by Fr. Mario Ongaro, Fr. Terry Serra, Fr. George Gouveia, Fr. Mario again and Fr. Victor Turchetti. Joan Barr, Joyce Zistler, Kay Luster, Kate Salotto, Eunice Sunberg, Marie Sheehy, Evelyn Huber served terms or partial terms as Auxiliary President.


The activities of the Auxiliary seemed to multiply as time went on. Two yearly programs that stand out are the mission festival in early summer and the "crib" through the Christmas season. From the very inception of these events in 1947, individual ladies were invited to give a hand in specific areas, but after the formation of the Auxiliary they took on responsibility for entire aspects of these operations, such as dining room serving, dessert making, festival bingo, hospitality service for Christmas visitors, etc.


Over the years the number of members has not grown as much as might have been hoped for, but many friendships have developed and much has been accomplished by this small group of people who have also enlisted the help of family and friends for various projects and activities. The Sacred Heart Seminary closed and became known as Comboni Mission Center. In 1981 the Verona Fathers changed their name to Comboni Missionaries, to honor their founder Daniel Comboni.


On December 23, 1991, the Ladies Auxiliary of the Verona Fathers/Comboni Missionaries were incorporated as a separate legal entity in the state of Ohio under the official title of "Comboni Missionaries Auxiliary, Inc." thereby effectively restating and refining their by­laws through the Articles of Incorporation.




  1. Shall be changed from Ladies Auxiliary of the Verona Fathers to the Comboni Missionaries Auxiliary and hereafter, in the by-laws be referred to as the Auxiliary.


  1. To assist the work of the Comboni Missionaries:
    1. With prayers,
    2. Mass attendance and communion for missions once a month,
    3. Assisting with fund raising projects,
    4. Learn more about mission work and promotion of mission awareness.



  1. Open to all who are interested in the missions
  2. $5.00 yearly dues:
    1. To fund social activities of the group,
    2. For refreshments after meetings,
    3. Gifts, Mass stipends, etc.



  1. Share in prayers and good works of Comboni Missionaries.
  2. Mass is celebrated by the Comboni Missionaries at death of member and at death of immediate family member.Times of group prayer and recollection.
    1. Spouse, parents, children
  3. Social activities and sharing with other members.




  1. Are held bi-monthly, usually on the first Friday.Additional sales may be held if agreeable with workers.
    1. Except for June because of the festival.
    2. And other times because of holidays, or other conflicts.
  2. Proceeds are turned over to the Advisor.Items donated belong to the Comboni Missionaries and they are to have access to them as needed for themselves or those of their acquaintances who are in need.
    1. With the exception of a portion of money from the Christmas boutique sale at the December rummage - amount to be determined by treasury balance.
  3. Auxiliary members may purchase articles, paying the customary prices usually charged at the sales.Any articles donated which seem to be of unusual value should be directed to the attention of the Advisor.
    • No preference in pricing should be made for one person over another.
  4. One person has been in charge of rummage in overall capacity and various persons serve as chairpersons for each rummage sale.


 * Reprinted from 1988 revision - except for the name of the group, which is taken from the new Articles of Incorporation in 1991.