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The Papacy of Francis I: Justice and Peace, Integrity of Creation. With Pope Francis, “living simply” has become the new “chic.” Preferring “Francis,” or even “Bergoglio,” he has quickly cast aside many of the trappings of the papacy. He’ll live in the Vatican hotel, and already initiated a weekly mass for youth in prison. On Holy Thursday, he washed the feet of a dozen inmates at a juvenile detention center in Rome. He urges all religions to work for peace and justice. Clearly, the new pope has a heart for the poor, for all living things and the environment. Read more. Resources: An Inside Look at Pope Francis, here; Building Bridges, here; The Church of the Poor and the Green Church, here.

 Standing Strong for a Robust Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), with or without consensus. In spite of setbacks, the hard work is paying off for ATT advocates who never gave up the struggle. By the final night of the U.N. conference (March 28), 90 nations had backed a resolution to vote on the ATT at the U.N. General Assembly, as early as April 2. Eighty of these nations are co-sponsors, so they will definitely vote “in favor of the resolution.”

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Today's South Sudan: Breaking Through the Barriers to Peace. In Jonglei, the largest state of South Sudan, attaining peace seems hopeless right now as reports of civilian abuse continue to mount, including killings, beatings and looting and destruction of homes and humanitarian facilities. Approximately 23,000 refugees have fled to Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda. There is also news of armed youth mobilizing and clashing in Pibor county. In addition, inter-ethnic clashes over cattle, land and previous transgressions have grown since early July. The U.S. Department of State has

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The Long Road to Immigration Reform: New Democrat Coalition Issues Ultimatum. House Democrats may have a new version of the Senate-passed comprehensive immigration bill "in the wings," but the deciding point will be if they can convince Republican leadership to allow a vote. The New Democrat Coalition, frustrated that there is still no bipartisan immigration reform bill to include a pathway to citizenship or a plan to grow American jobs, has issued an ultimatum to Speaker John Boehner. In an August 2 letter, before the summer recess, their words went right to the point: "We write to inform you that if a bipartisan immigration reform package is not introduced in the House of Representatives, by September 30, we as New Democrats will consider introducing a comprehensive immigration reform bill." 

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Comboni Missionaries at the 2015 World Social Forum (WSF): A Cultural Feast, a "Ferment of Differences." Thirty-seven people represented the Comboni Missionaries at the World Social Forum (WSF): Dignity and Rights and 5th Comboni Forum held recently at El Manar University in Tunis, Tunisia. Approximately 4,000 organizations were represented, with as as many as 70,000 people in overall attendance, and 1,500 seminars and workshops. Learn more, here.

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The Bleak Realities of South Sudan: War, Famine and Human Rights SouthSudanWomanViolations. In its most recent report on South Sudan, the U.N. Human Rights Office says soldiers used a "scorched earth policy" against civilians there. It called the scale and type of sexual violence "one of the most horrendous human rights situations in the world." Click here.

On March 22, Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic delivered remarks at the Human Rights Council in Geneva, related to the Report of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on South Sudan that assessed the allegations of the violations and abuses of human rights. Read the remarks, and also his February 19 statement to the Security Council, here

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Life in South Sudan: An "Open Prison" with Famine at the Doorstep. Since December 2013, South Sudan's brutal civil war has been steadily eroding the fledgling nation while the inadequate international response has just led to an increase in suffering for the people there. Two out of every five people now face crisis levels of food insecurity; some are surviving on leaves and wild fruits. Recently, the people of Wau Shilluk, Upper Nile, were cut off from all food supplies, according to reports from UNICEF.

At his July meeting with regional leaders in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, President Obama set an August 17th deadline for a peace deal to come together between President Salva Kiir and Former Vice-President Riek Machar. The consequences will be serious if the deadline is not met, with stringent sanctions imposed and possibly a "regional intervention force," although a consensus on this was not reached. In the words of Donald Booth, the U.S. envoy to South Sudan, to reporters in Juba, South Sudan's capital: "I want to be very clear with you all: the patience of my country, of the region and of the other international partners has run out," Read an article from The Sudan Tribune.