North American Communities

  • The Cincinnati Comboni Mission Center

    cmccincinnatiThe Cincinnati Comboni Mission Center (CMC) is home to the Provincial Headquarters for the Comboni Missionaries in North America, it is dedicated to expanding ministry throughout the world and at home.

    We do this through various departments, all dedicated to spreading the vision of St. Daniel Comboni. We do a number of important works in the community, on a local, national and international level. In addition to important administrative works benefiting Comboni Missionaries across the globe, we offer a variety of services to the local community, comprising Southwest Ohio, Northern Kentucky, and Southeast Indiana.

    We extend a warm welcome to all who would like to use our facilities for retreats, prayer and discussion groups.

    The CMC offers a gym for community groups to both practice basketball and play games, also available for groups having a parish or other retreat. 


    There is an Annual Nativity Display that has been a local tradition for many families for the past sixty years. This event takes place in December and spreads the wonder of the Incarnation to the people of the Greater Cincinnati Area ~ all are welcome!

    auxladyrummagesaleThroughout the year the ladies auxiliary holds rummage sales to benefit our missionaries.We also have a wonderful museum of artifacts from the lands that the Comboni Missionaries serve in. It is a spiritual and educational learning experience.

    In addition to this, we put out the Comboni Missions magazine, a publication that increases awareness of the Comboni mission in the North American Province and around the world. The magazine includes national and world news as well as feature and opinion articles on faith, mission animation, vocation, history, justice and peace.

    Volunteers add a special dimension to the Comboni Missionary ministries, and they are a vital part of the Comboni Family. For information on how to become an active volunteer contact us at info@combonimissionaries.org or 513-474-4997

    Comboni Missionaries
    1318 Nagel Road
    Cincinnati, OH 45255-3120
    (513) 474-4997


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  • St. Joseph Parish & Comboni Mission Center


    stjosephkitchener2The Comboni Mission Center is a place were all are welcome ~ we are involved in promoting awareness of the Church’s missions and work of the Comboni Missionaries worldwide. Located in the Hamilton Diocese, the center first opened in Cambridge in 1977 and transfered to Kitchener in 1985. The Comboni Missionaries, together with Comboni Lay missionaries, religious and volunteers work to inform and support ~ both materially and spiritually ~ the Church’s missions.

    The community publishes a quarterly mission newsletter and makes available its resources to local groups such as schools and parishes in the surrounding area. The Comboni Missionaries participate as well with the mission cooperation plan established by the dioceses of Ontario.

    stjosephkitchener1St. Joseph Parish was founded in 1930 to serve a then mostly German population. The Comboni Missionaries began ministry here in 2005. This downtown parish has a congregation that is now extremely diverse, including a long-standing Portuguese community and African, Asian and Eastern European immigrants. The Eritrean and the Sudanese Catholic Community of Kitchener hold their monthly meetings and Masses at St. Joseph.

    With a focus on fellowship and outreach, St. Joseph Parish strives to be a welcoming faith community that reaches out in service to the wider community. Many dedicated volunteers are involved in activities such as the St. Vincent de Paul Society and Social Outreach Committee. We offer the usual sacramental and worship programs and activities of spiritual development that are making an impact in the community and helping to develop Christian leadership and faithful stewardship. There is close collaboration between the parish and St. Bernadette School in the religious education of children.

    Comboni Mission Center and St. Joseph Parish

    148 Madison Ave. S.
    Kitchener, Ontario N2G 3M6
    Phone: (519) 744-4680  (519) 744-4680
    Fax: (519) 744-4840
    Email: cmoffice@combonimissionaries.ca

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  • The Covina Comboni Mission Center

    covincmcThe Covina Comboni Mission Center is involved in promoting awareness of the Church’s missions and work of the Comboni Missionaries around the world. The Mission Center provides several services to the local community, following the inspiration of our founder St. Daniel Comboni, the Comboni Missionaries strive to make the local churches more aware of it’s missionary responsibility.

    Mission promotion activities include: vocation promotion, mission appeals at different parishes, mission talks at schools and for parish groups, mission evenings where visiting Comboni Missionaries share their experience of the joys, sorrows and hopes of the young churches in the missions as well as visits to our benefactors. We are focused on Justice and Peace issues, advocacy for the poor and fund raising for the Church’s mission benefiting the work of the Comboni Missionaries.covinacmc3

    We provide spiritual assistance at the Center through daily Mass, many come for confession by request. Our community is nourished by personal and community prayer, monthly days of recollection, meetings and fellowship. Our doors are open to all who would like to share in our prayer, discussions, activities that support the poor and the Church’s mission.

    There is an active Comboni Missionary League, founded in 1965, comprised of a group of dedicated lay people who share the Comboni spirit and charism. They are committed to the work of the Comboni covinacmc2Missionaries in the mission apostolate and have dedicated their prayers, time, talents and financial support for those who are less fortunate. We are always happy to welcome new members into the group!

    There is always need for extra hands to help in projects that help support the missions, if you can share some time or a talent, please call and become an active volunteer, we can share some ideas of how you can get involved ~ we would love to have you join us! Please contact Roxanne Schorbach at (626) 339-1914 or at comboni@verizon.net

    A retirement community of elderly Comboni Missionaries lives adjacent to the Mission Center and take an active part in the various activities and groups that come to the Center.

    Covina Comboni Mission Center
    645 S. Aldenville Ave
    Covina, CA 91723
    (626) 339-1914 

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  • Holy Cross Parish

    holycrossparishlaHoly Cross Catholic Church

    Holy Cross Parish is an inner-city parish in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. The Comboni Missionaries have been present at this diverse parish of predominately Hispanic and African American community since 1970. The parish community celebrated it’s centennial in 2006. In its 100 year history this gothic-styled church has weathered earthquakes, racism, and ethnic changes.

    We minister to this ever changing local community. Holy Cross has been a first community to many who are newly immigrated to our country. The Parish motto is "a community of faith and service.” Dedication to this goal holycrossparishlajesusxavierkeeps the church a strong and vital light in the south central Los Angeles area.

    Holy Cross Parish
    4705 South Main Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90037-3216
    Tel: (323) 234-5984

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  • The La Grange Park Comboni Mission Center

    lagrangeparkil1The La Grange Park Comboni Mission Center is a place were all are welcome.

    We are involved in promoting awareness of the Church’s missions and work of the Comboni Missionaries. The Mission Center provides several services to the local community, besides celebrating mass in the surrounding suburban parishes, there are Mission Nights held, where visiting missionaries share their experience about the joys, sorrows and hopes of young churches in mission lands. Days of Reflection and Retreats for youth are also offered,
     all with a unique perspective from Comboni Missionaries from around the world. Come in for a visit anytime or for a Mission Night.

    You are welcome here! It is a great opportunity for the whole family to learn about the missions of the Church!

    In addition to this there are a number of annual fundraising activities that benefit the Comboni Missionaries and their work in various parts of the world. There is a Dinner Dance that includes a St. Daniel Comboni Spirit of Mission Award given to a local person who has demonstrated outstanding qualities of service to the poor and disadvantaged in the Greater Chicago area. There is an annual Golf Outing in the summer as well as Family Picnic with music, games, and of course good food held on the grounds of the Mission Center every August.

    There is always need for extra hands to help in projects that help support the missions, if you can share some time or a talent, please call and become an active volunteer, we can share some ideas of how you can get involved ~ we would love to have you join us! Please contact Fr. Jose Manuel Oviedo at (708) 354-1999.

    Comboni Mission Center
    1615 E. 31st Street
    LaGrange Park
    , IL 60526-1377

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  • St. Lucy Parish

    stlucynewarknjThe parish of Saint Lucy in the Archdiocese of Newark was founded in 1891 and entrusted to the Comboni Missionaries in July 1, 2010. It was dedicated the Saint Lucy, martyred in 304 at Syracuse, Sicily. It is also the National Shrine of Saint Gerard Maiella, patron of expectant mothers. Comboni Missionaries were originally invited to the Archdiocese by Archbishop Thomas Boland in 1956 to serve the Puerto Rican community.

    The Comboni community helps with service in neighboring parishes and represents the Comboni Missionaries at the United Nations in New York and in Washington D.C. as part of African Peace and Justice Network, a non-governmental organization. We offer a variety of services to the local area through resources, courses, lectures at schools, visits to parish and social justice groups on issues of the environment, justice, peace, world poverty and the Church’s mission. We are involved in various projects that benefit the work of the Comboni Missionaries around the world. Our Mission Center is open to groups and those interested in social justice issues for meetings, discussions and activities that effect especially the poor and voiceless of our world.

    For more information visit St. Lucy's website: www.saintlucy.net.

    Comboni Missionaries

    St. Lucy’s Church

    118 7th Avenue
    Newark, NJ 07104-1803 (USA)
    Phone (973) 803-4200


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  • St. Charles Borromeo Church

    stcharlesborromeochurchThe mission of St. Charles Borromeo is to make Spanish-speaking Catholics feel welcome in south-western Ohio by giving them a place to worship and be a part of a spiritual community. Two masses are celebrated on Sundays in Spanish and attract an ever growing number of parishioners. The Parish also organizes the annual Hispanic Festival held in September and the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe in December.

    Fr. Rodolfo Coaquira Hilaje, mccj is Chaplain Moderator of St. Charles Borromeo. Fr. Louie Gasparini, is the Director of Hispanic Ministry in the Archdiocese and he is a member of the evangelizing community in St. Charles Borromeo.

    St. Charles Borromeo is associated with “Su Casa.” Su Casa is a diocesan project that offers classes, and counseling to the Hispanic community.

    St. Charles Borromeo Church
    115 W. Seymour Ave.
    Cincinnati, Ohio 45216
    Phone (513) 948-1760

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  • Sacred Heart Parish

    Sacred Heart ChuchFounded in 1956, Sacred Heart Parish lies in the heart of the San Bernardino Diocese in Riverside, California. Fr. Andres Garcia-Chavez, mccj was installed as pastor in 2017. The Comboni Missionaries minister to the largely Hispanic local community, serving more than 1,000 families.

    Sacred Heart Parish
    9935 Mission Blvd.
    Riverside, California 92509
    (951) 685-5058

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