Provincial Council 2016 croppedThe North American Province (NAP) considers its missionaries as its most valuable resource. The style of government is participative, reflecting the principles of leadership, authority, co-responsibility and subsidiarity in such a balance as to foster the initiative, growth and contributions of the members while promoting the missionary goals the Province intends to achieve.

The Provincial Superior of the North American Province (NAP) is Fr. John Converset. The members of the Provincial Council of the NAP are:

Fr. Chris Aleti, Fr. Rudolfo Coaquira, Fr. José A. Pimentel, and Fr. Brian Quigley, MCCJ.


The Provincial’s Ministry

In addition to the ministry spelled out in the Rule of Life and in the Policies and Procedures Manual, the Provincial keeps in close contact with all the members of the Province. He officially visits each community at least once a year for a suitable amount of time. Other visits are left to his discretion. In order to facilitate his dialogue, the Provincial will make available to each community some guidelines on the method and content of his visit. He also meets with his council in different communities of the Province.

Councilors’ Service

The North American Province has four councilors. All four shall be elected directly by the members of the Province. In their role of co-responsibility for the whole Province, the councilors prepare thoroughly for the council meetings, which have priority over other responsibilities entrusted to them.

They carry out specific tasks assigned to them by the Provincial or the council, and make themselves available to each other, as well as to other members.