Suffer the Children

While Less Likely to Get the Virus, Children Are Not Immune to the Consequences of the Pandemic By: Kathleen M. Carroll This story was first featured in Comboni Missions Magazine Fall 2020 edition. Children have not been the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. But they risk being among its biggest victims. Women and children

Sisters on the Front Lines

By: Courtney Mares Sister Stan Mumuni dedicates her life to caring for abandoned children with birth defects in Ghana. When the Coronavirus pandemic spread to West Africa, she said that she ran to the market to buy soap and supplies, but the prices had already tripled. “We ran to the place. The

Water Pressure

Virus Lays Additional Strain on Water Supply By: Kim Harrisberg and Lungelo Ndlovu Fifty people and their cattle share the only borehole in Gongu village in southwestern Zimbabwe, meaning frequent handwashing to fight the coronavirus is easier said than done. Across drought-hit southern Africa, COVID-19 has spurred governments to dispatch water tankers,

We Cannot Return to Normal

Comboni Missionary Alex Zanotelli Shares His Vision of a Post-COVID World Father Alex Zanotelli, mccj, has lived and worked in some of the most difficult places on earth. His current work in the slums of Naples (when I inquired about interviewing him there, I was told “It is too dangerous for anyone

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