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No Greater Love

This story first appeared in Comboni Missions Magazine Spring 2019 An Extraordinary Story of Mission By: Kathleen M. Carroll June 3 is always remembered in central Africa as the Feast of the Ugandan

Light on, Doors Open

This story first appeared in Comboni Missions magazine Spring  2019. Honoring a Renowned Surgeon’s Tireless Service By: Kathleen M. Carroll Dr. Andrew Vuni was head surgeon at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Maracha,

Blessings in Disguise

This article first appeared in Comboni Missions magazine winter 2018/19 Blessings in Disguise Mission Hardships Are Transformed with the Right Vision By: Kathleen M. Carroll Father Gregor Schmidt knows the rigors of mission

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It pleased Jesus Christ that St. Peter should leave all his things and follow him. They were a battered and leaky boat and a few tattered nets; and yet Peter left them all; and the Gospel praises him as though he had left a kingdom; for to a poor farmer his rough and humble croft is as precious as his capital is to a monarch. – St. Daniel Comboni