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Our future hope

“Our Future Hope” New Hostel for Malawian Girls As seen in Comboni Missions Summer 2019, page 17 By: Lindsay Braud Near a Comboni Mission in Lunzu, Malawi, there is a nursing school.

Keeping the Faith

by: Kathleen M. Carroll The members of the Monroe Ladies’ Auxiliary still gather to support the Comboni Missionaries— decades after the seminary closed. Barb Heising was just helping out a cousin. “She

Computers for Togo

Sister Rita recently ordered 12 computers for her students at St. Francis de Sales technical school in Kpalime, Togo. When they arrived, only one computer worked. For a school with 100 students,

No Greater Love

This story first appeared in Comboni Missions Magazine Spring 2019 An Extraordinary Story of Mission By: Kathleen M. Carroll June 3 is always remembered in central Africa as the Feast of the Ugandan

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It pleased Jesus Christ that St. Peter should leave all his things and follow him. They were a battered and leaky boat and a few tattered nets; and yet Peter left them all; and the Gospel praises him as though he had left a kingdom; for to a poor farmer his rough and humble croft is as precious as his capital is to a monarch. – St. Daniel Comboni