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St Daniel Comboni

Our Story

Daniel Comboni, born in Limone, Italy, in 1831, knew at an early age that he would be a priest and missionary. His love was Africa, and in 1854, when God called him there, Daniel answered with all his heart and soul.

St. Daniel devised a Plan not just to bring the Gospel to people who never heard it but also to prepare Africans to evangelize their own people – a revolutionary idea for his time. His motto, Save Africa with Africa, captures the essence of the trust he had in the African peoples.

Named the first Bishop of Central Africa in 1877, St. Daniel continued his faithful ministry until, at the age of 50, worn out and plagued by fever, he died, but not before founding the Comboni Missionaries and Missionary Sisters who today carry out their founder’s charism across Africa, Europe, Asia, and the Americas. St. Daniel Comboni was canonized in 2003 and remains an inspiration to all who have a heart for the mission.



What We Do


Commitment to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Preparing local Christian leaders to serve their people and minister through the sacrament.


Helping improve the quality of life by providing resources such as food, clean water, churches, medicine, schools, and community centers.


For 150 years, the Comboni Missionaries have traveled to nearly every corner of the world, sharing the good news of Christ and working to protect the dignity of all people.

Founded in 1867 by St. Daniel Comboni, the Comboni Missionaries are an international Catholic organization dedicated to ministering to the world’s poorest and most abandoned people, often working in unstable political climate, in the midst of extreme poverty.

Despite these challenges, our missionaries are dedicated to their mission of serving God’s people.

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Our Mission Focus

With our founder, St. Daniel Comboni, as an inspiration since our beginning 150 years ago, we work for the full development of the human person. We do this through evangelization, education, and advocacy until those we minister to can take over those roles – not just for themselves but for others in need.


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Comboni Missionary Family

Together with our Comboni sisters, lay missionaries, supporters, and collaborators, we form the Comboni Family. Our gifts and talents – and limitations – vary greatly, but we remain united in the common goal to bring compassion and love to God’s people. Our motto

– The World is Our Parish – gives the clear message that we take Jesus’ words (Mark 16:15) at full value.