• 1831 – Daniel Comboni is born March 15 at Limone on Lake Garda in Italy

  • 1849 – Consecrates his life to Africa

  • 1854 – Ordained a priest by Blessed John N. Tschiderer, Bishop of Trento on December 31

  • 1857 – Makes his first trip to Africa but returns to Italy because of extreme challenges from climate and disease

  • 1864 – Launches a project designed to “Save Africa through Africa,” with full confidence that Africans will become the leading agents of their own evangelization

  • 1867 – Founds the Comboni Missionary Institute

  • 1870 – Approaches the First Vatican Council to petition the Bishops that every local Church be involved in the conversion of Africa

  • 1872 – Founds the Comboni Missionary Sisters

  • 1877 – Is consecrated bishop and named the first Vicar Apostolic of Central Africa

  • 1881 – Dies in Khartoum (Sudan, Africa) in the late hours of October 10, worn out from sickness and never-ending ministry

  • 1995 – Is recognized for the miraculous cure of an Afro-Brazilian girl, Maria José de Oliveira Paixão that came about through his intercession

  • 1996 – Beatified by John Paul II in St. Peter’s on March 17

  • 2003 – Is recognized for the cure of a Muslim mother from Sudan, Lubna Abdel Aziz, a miracle worked through his intercession

  • 2003 – Is canonized by John Paul II in St. Peter’s Basilica on October 5

The Missionary must be prepared for everything: for joy and sadness, for life and death, for embrace and abandonment, and I am ready for it all.

– St. Daniel Comboni