COVID-19 Is Rolling Back Years of Progress in the Fight against Poverty

The effects of COVID-19 could erase decades of positive trends in the battle against global poverty. (Courtesy of Statista.) Even a pandemic that affects everyone affects the poor more. Workplace closures, travel restrictions, and strain on limited healthcare resources have disproportionately weakened the financial straits of those least able to weather

Africa Faith and Justice Network

An international organization is working hard — so children don’t have to. by: Ellen Baverman This article first appeared in Comboni Missions Magazine Spring 2020. As the sun rises, children dot the busy streets of Kano, Nigeria, selling fruit, nuts, and water. As he does every morning, twelve-year-old Ahmad Mohammed sloshes sachets

Fighting Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a devastating reality in nearly every country around the world. Over the past several decades, numerous organizations have stepped up to educate people about the dangers of human trafficking and to combat this atrocity. On February 22, 2020, the Comboni Missionaries in Cincinnati, Ohio hosted a special dinner to

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